Vanessa Tinio

Vanessa Tinio, Veterinary Assistant

Vanessa grew up on a beautiful island of the Philippines, where there's a ton of stray cats and dogs that inspired her to join the veterinary field. She grew up with Belgian Malinois, Pitbulls and German Shepherds and currently has 4 amazing cats who totally run her life!

She’s always wanted to help animals in any kind of way ever since she was a kid. She became a certified Veterinary Assistant in 2018 and has loved her job ever since! She loves all of her patients just like they were her own. Her motto is " Your pet is my pet."

She first started working for a veterinary clinic that specialized in puppy and kitten care. It was an amazing first experience, caring and playing with them. She transitioned to a veterinary hospital that focused on senior pet care, which was a completely different experience, but still so rewarding. She adopted one of her senior kitties at this clinic, who was surrendered by their previous owner. She started working at Felix&Fido because she liked the idea of providing at-home care, where pets are less stressed and in what she calls their “comfort zone.” She also enjoys spending more time speaking and partnering with Pet Parents about the individualized care of their pets.