If there is anything you are looking for not listed please reach out to us at and we can answer any questions you have.

Wellness and preventative care

Regular wellness exams are an important part of keeping your pet healthy, and allowing them to live the best and longest life possible! We will perform a full physical exam and discuss with you any concerns that arise.

Vaccinations against preventable diseases are an important part of wellness care, but vaccines are not one size fits all. Our team will take into consideration your pet’s risk level and lifestyle and tailor a vaccine program to their specific needs.

A solid start on the path of good health and wellness is paramount to a great quality of life for our pets. We will typically examine puppies and kittens every 3 weeks until they are at least 16 weeks of age to make sure they are thriving and well protected from preventable diseases as they grow. During these appointments we will discuss any specific questions you may have about your puppy or kitten, as well as provide information on various topics ranging from nutrition to behavior and training.

Good nutrition is important through all stages of a pet’s life. We will help you wade through the science vs the marketing behind different food brands and types of diets, to make sure your pet is getting the nutrition it needs to be their best.

We will help set you up for success by outlining the basics behind training and behavior for your pets, as well as discuss other tools to help if behavior issues are more than basic.

We aim to build your pet its own personal database of their unique “normals”, when they are well, so we have a comparison when they are ill. This also allows us to detect small changes and trends over time, which can translate into earlier intervention and more successful treatment outcomes for your pet.

Medical care management

From skin to ear infections and everything in between, we will help diagnose and treat any dermatological conditions your pet may have. We also routinely collaborate and refer to a veterinary dermatologist when warranted.

GI issues in dogs and cats can occur from multiple different causes and be frustrating to diagnose and treat. We will utilize a stepwise approach using the latest diagnostic tools and knowledge we have available to diagnose and effectively manage your pets GI system.

We have access to state of the art in-house diagnostics as well as a full reference laboratory to help rule-in or rule-out potential problems your pet may have and guide us in making treatment recommendations. When it is necessary, we also work collaboratively with, and refer to, internal medicine specialists to find a diagnosis and develop a therapeutic plan.

Neurologic disease can be painful, and threaten function and quality of life. We will work quickly to assess if your pet needs a referral for advanced diagnostics and care, as well as relieve any pain they may be experiencing.

Endocrine diseases can have a slow, insidious onset sometimes making them difficult to detect. We will talk through the clinical signs your pet may be experiencing and recommend appropriate diagnostics to determine what course of treatment is needed.

Urinary problems can be uncomfortable for pets and frustrating for pet parents. We will use our in-house and reference laboratory tests to gain answers and insight in how to best treat your pet.

Whether your pet is experiencing an issue related to the musculoskeletal system, we will perform an orthopedic exam and use diagnostic imaging (x-ray) to assess proper management of the problem. In the event your pet would require orthopedic surgery, we will facilitate and guide you through the process of referral to a specialist, and be here for any follow up care you and your pet would require.

Eyes are the window to the soul and it is so important to keep your pets eyes healthy. We will routinely evaluate the health of your pet’s eye by measuring and tracking things like internal pressure and tear production.We are able to treat the eyes in cases of injury, infection, or other disease and make appropriate recommendations for the health of your pets eyesight, especially as they age.

We know it is difficult to hear the word “cancer” when talking about those we love. We will help guide you and your pet through the diagnostic process, as well as counsel you on available treatment options for your pet if a diagnosis of cancer is made. We partner with Oncologists for referral if specialized cancer treatment is elected.

Immune-mediated diseases and allergies are often a life-long issue, but they can be managed, allowing your pet to live more comfortably. We will use the latest knowledge and understanding of these complex diseases to find the right combination of treatment options for your pet’s needs and lifestyle.

Sick and urgent care

When you have an issue with your pet you will have access to our teletriage symptom analysis unique proprietary tool which will enable you to interact with our veterinary team in a timely manner. After hours members will also, if needed, have access to a 24/7 nurse line.

Our full service Primary Care clinic in Issaquah is here for your pet’s veterinary care needs that go beyond what is able to be offered via telemedicine or in home nurse visits.

Dental care

When you have an issue with your pet you will have access to our teletriage symptom analysis unique proprietary tool which will enable you to interact with our veterinary team in a timely manner. After hours members will also, if needed, have access to a 24/7 nurse line.

Our full service Primary Care clinic in Issaquah is here for your pet’s veterinary care needs that go beyond what is able to be offered via telemedicine or in home nurse visits.

Surgical care

We recommend that all pets be spayed or neutered for reasons that span from prevention of cancer to behavior issues. Taking into account the latest research and most updated opinions, we will consult with you regarding when the best time to perform the surgery is based on your pet’s sex and breed.

We can perform many different routine soft tissue surgeries in our full service primary care clinic, but if the need arises for specialty soft tissue surgery we are happy to facilitate a referral to a board certified surgeon.

If the need for an orthopedic surgery beyond the scope of primary care arises, we will help you get your pet seen by a specialist that we would take our own furry family members to.

Pain management care

Acupuncture is an ancient treatment, but in more recent years has been put through the rigors of scientific testing and proves time and again to greatly help with pain management. Animals tolerate the treatments quite well, and with time, even come to relax and sleep during the treatment.

Our therapeutic laser can help with both acute and chronic pain as well as wound healing. In simple terms it accelerates the healing capability the body already possesses to get your pet more comfortable, faster.

There are now new and exciting medical options to really help manage pain, especially chronic pain, as our pets age. We can assess your pet’s pain level and discuss options for giving them a life free from pain.

We offer additional, less traditional treatments for pain as well. From supplements to CBD, we can counsel you on what we think would make the most impact for your pet.

Hospice care

This is a difficult stage in the life of our pets, but we all want them to have a wonderful quality of life, free of suffering. We will walk with you along this path, and give you tools and guidance as you navigate these decisions for your beloved family member.

Animals are masters in the art of concealing pain or weakness. Often, by the time they show us obvious signs of pain, they have been suffering for some time. We can guide you in the use of pain assessment scales, and develop the best pain management protocol for your pet.

Passing out of this life without fear, pain, or suffering is what we hope the experience is for every animal. When your dearly loved family member enters this twilight stage in their lives, we will guide you through the process to make it as easy as something this difficult can be.

Diagnostic care

We have a complete suite of state of the art diagnostic equipment in house, allowing us to get results quickly, which is especially important for sick pets. We also use an outside reference laboratory to perform the tests we don’t have the ability to run in-house.

Radiology (x-ray) is a helpful tool not only to assess the musculoskeletal system of pets, but also for many other body systems such as the heart, lungs, and abdominal cavity. We have all of our x-rays read by a veterinary radiologist in order to help us reach the right conclusions about your pet’s health.

We have an ultrasound in house that we can use for basic assessments and sample collection. However, often an ultrasound performed by a veterinary radiologist is required, so we partner with one to get your pet the level of care it needs.

Pharmaceutical care

We stock many common medications in our in-house pharmacy, so your pet can conveniently get the appropriate medication as soon as the visit is over.

Our trusted online pharmacy gives us the ability to prescribe medications and therapeutic diets for your pet at competitive prices, with the convenience of home shipping and auto renewal.

Miscellaneous services

Our veterinarians are accredited and are able to sign a travel health certificate for your pet after performing a physical exam. Please contact us regarding appropriate timing of the exam in relation to travel date(s). Please note that we are ONLY able to generate health certificates for interstate travel. We are NOT able to assist with certificates for international travel or Hawaii.