Kitty Dondanville, LVT
Kitty has always had a love for animals and enjoys helping them. She started with training at a zoological park in eastern WA where she studied and worked with large cats, tigers being her favorite. It was an experience she will always treasure. In 2000 she moved back to Western Washington to start working at a 24-hour practice in Bellevue, where she worked for over 20 years. She has a special interest in dentistry and helping animals feel comfortable.

Kitty is excited to join Felix&Fido and looks forward to meeting new people and all of their furry family members. She has 2 furry companions of her own, a 3 legged one-eared cat named Little Sneaky Silly Sassafras and a cat that eats everything, Grogu the Golden Yoda. When not at work she enjoys family adventures with her husband Brian and sons Joe, Nick, and Matt.