Imani Preyor

Imani Preyor, Principal LVT

Imani has been working in the veterinary field for a combination of 14 years. As an air force veteran, this is actually her third career. She discovered her love for veterinary medicine through volunteer work at local shelters. Imani graduated from veterinary tech school in 2011 and worked in emergency medicine right away. The fast pace and challenging environment allowed her to utilize and strengthen many of her skills fresh out of school. She eventually moved back home to NYC where she worked as a surgery technician for a large referral and speciality practice before moving on to become a lab instructor at a community college in the city. Imani thoroughly enjoyed guiding future veterinary technicians through skills and helping them build their confidence with their knowledge of veterinary medicine. While this work was incredibly rewarding she still felt like she wanted to challenge herself more professionally.

In 2016, Imani made the bittersweet decision to move to Massachusetts to work for Tufts University Foster Hospital for Small animals in the anesthesia department. Here she gained so much more knowledge and experience than she could’ve ever hoped for. Imani spent 4 years honing her skills in anesthesia and critical care, having anesthetized various species including reptiles, birds, dogs, cats, and pocket pets. Imani loved working with some of the brightest minds in veterinary medicine and is incredibly grateful for the experience she gained while working there.

In 2020 she decided to accept a leadership role with a general practice. This was a new forum for her and allowed her the opportunity to mentor and develop a team while exploring a new sector of veterinary medicine. This role led her back to training and development where she traveled throughout the north east providing training to multiple emergency hospitals and assisted with hospital development and new hospital openings as well. As a training manager and Lead Veterinary Nurse, she was able to mentor veterinary nurses, veterinary assistants, new DVMS, and more. The best part about this role was that she learned so much more about herself while mentoring others.

Imani is passionate about veterinary nursing, training, and development. She has a special interest in mentoring nursing leaders as she can relate to and identify with the challenges this pathway can present for her colleagues. Felix & Fido is re-imagining veterinary care in the best way possible. They are empowering veterinary nurses to work at the top of their licenses with nurse led appointments. She’s thrilled to be a part of this journey and is excited to go further together with this incredible team of veterinary professionals.