Amber Rahn, LVT
As a child, her home was filled with almost every kind of pet you could imagine. From the normal cat, dog, and birds; to the less common tree frogs, hermit crabs, a tortoise and even a very social, praying mantis! So, a career in Veterinary Medicine was the ‘obvious’ choice for her. There were two big instances that greatly influenced my chosen career path as an adult. The first was when the Family cat tore his cruciate ligament when he was 9, had surgery and lived another amazing 10 years with barely a limp! The second, and most impactful instance, was their Family dog having very severe environmental allergies and getting to see how, through customized immunotherapy, she didn’t have to be miserable and itchy her entire life.

She got to participate in her routine allergen injections at home. From getting to learn how to draw-up and give her shots, to making sure that each time it was a fun and pleasant experience for her. This showed her how incredibly important doing things in a way that is comfortable for your pet can be to them. Her childhood dog was a very brave little lady, but, she was terrified at the Vet’s office, having potty accidents as soon as they got in the lobby!

Through her career in Veterinary Medicine, she has come into people’s homes to help provide the same positive experiences for their pets, who also are scared and stressed at the Vet’s offices, but still need things like SQ fluids and other medications. To Amber, it’s important to be able to provide excellent care to our pets while keeping their stress levels as low as possible, and she feels that this is something that can be achieved through something even so seemingly simple as a home visit.

To be able to help provide top notch veterinary care in the comfort of your pet’s own home, to be able to help provide care to pets who belong to those who can’t or don’t drive, to be able to help the kitty who disappears when the carrier comes out and won’t reappear until it is gone! This is what makes her so excited about getting to be a part of Felix&Fido!