We’re reimagining
veterinary pet care

At Felix&Fido, we combine leading-edge technology with operational excellence in a human-centered workplace to deliver the right pet care, in the right way for you.

A letter from our CEO

Hi Greater Issaquah area. I’m Gavin Woody, co-founder and CEO of Felix&Fido. I want to welcome you to our still small but mighty Felix&Fido family.

Our mission is to reimagine the way veterinary care is delivered. As I’m sure you know, many people around the world brought pets into their homes during Covid to improve their own mental and physical health. The human-animal bond is truly a magical thing! Unfortunately, the veterinary industry is struggling with not enough veterinarians and staff to support pets and their pet parents.

As the son of two veterinarians and proud pet parent to our two cats (Amelia and Jamba) and bearded dragon (Cactus), I have seen both sides of the veterinary provider and patient experience. Along with my co-founders, Dr. Shlomo Freiman and Ian Ma, we knew there was a better way to both deliver care and improve the lives of our veterinary staff.

We are excited about building a new model which encourages proactive care, and being there when you need us online and in our clinics.
If you ever have questions or comments directly for me, I want to hear from you at askgavin@felixandfido.com. And you can always reach our care team at hello@felixandfido.com.

I’m proud of what we are building and am grateful to you for trusting us with your pet’s health.

Gavin Woody

Co-Founder and CEO of Felix&Fido

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